Paper templates for patchwork, folding patterns to QUILT, fabrics for Patchwork,

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How to insert Fabrics


  • Always put 10 pieces of fabric in one set. The number of sets is unlimited.
  • Complete each set with a fabric suitable for the background of the pattern (smaller pattern, one color, etc.)
  • The photo should be square, size 8 "-12" Inch. (Patchwork patterns are 12 inches in size)
  • Insert fabrics of different colors, contrasting, more pronounced into the set, so that the pattern stands out and does not merge into one. Fabrics according to collections or colors, which match and harmonize with each other in nature and style.
  • Use photos without a logo. (No logo)
  • For each set, insert a link to the collection located on your e-shop. In case of a sale, whether a piece or the entire collection, don't forget to update the set!
  • In one set you can combine up to 3 different collections of fabrics and insert up to 3 links. In the substance description, refer to reference (1), (2), (3).
  • Put the fabrics you have in stock!


  • Register your e-shop - SHOP REGISTRATION and choose payment.
  • Payment can be made by credit card.
  • The account is active immediately after payment.
  • A link to your e-shop will be displayed after selecting fabrics for each patchwork pattern. The customer will click on your e-shop for the selected collection.

        Password for uploading the collection for 1 month free MyFabrics

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