Paper templates for patchwork, folding patterns to QUILT, fabrics for Patchwork,

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You need to know

Thank you for using the paper sewing stencils. Thanks to you, we can develop free use of Quilt Editor without ads. We are preparing a lot of other news for you! Česky / Deutsche @Lizadecor

   Quilt Editor

  1. Select Fabric Set from the FABRICS MENU to use in designing patterns. Selected sets are displayed in the lower right corner of your DISK. The size of the patterns on the fabric may not exactly match, depending on the size of the inserted photo by the seller.
  2. Go to the PATCHWORK PATTERNS menu and select the pattern you want to adjust. Your selected set of fabrics is displayed for the selected pattern. After clicking on the fabric, the fabric changes directly in the pattern. If you have selected more than one set, you can change the set of fabrics directly at the pattern.
  3. After designing, name and save the pattern. You can find the saved patterns and fabrics on your DISKET in the right corner of the page, where you can also delete them. If you delete your history, you also delete saved sets of fabrics and patterns.
  4. Do you have described and saved patterns? You can now go to the QUILT menu. Here you choose how big Quilt you will sew, one window represents the size of 12 "inch (30.48cm), ie the same size as the designed pattern of the template for sewing over paper. Examples (1x3 tablecloth 30x90cm, 6x4 blanket 180x120cm, 8x8 240x240cm). scrollbars with size selection, you will find small up and down arrows that you can use to reduce the whole preview of the page.In Quilt you can rotate individual patterns and combine them with other patterns. When using templates, all patterns will be the same.
  5. )After designing QUILT, type its name in the save box and save it. After clicking on the saved link with your Quilt, a web address will be generated, which is only yours, and on which a preview of your Quilt will remain forever. You can share the address or send a link with a preview of the email.
  6. You can also use the link for club joint sewing. Fill in only the selected patterns, Quilt saved and send the link to another patchworker, who selects their fields, uses their saved patterns, saves the design again and sends their address to other patchworkers for preview. You can repeat this until you design the entire Quilt preview. This will create a link with a design of the entire Quilt, and you will be left with a saved link only with the fields you selected at the beginning.
  7. Saving individual patterns and quilts in the image and then saving directly to the computer. An easy option is to share the link and then make a screen of the mobile screen on your mobile phone and save the image for sharing. The second option is that you can also save individual patterns. You will use the built-in Snippets application of Windows 7 and higher. In Programs, locate (Start WINDOWS) Snippets, and right-click the application at the bottom of the WINDOWS taskbar. More in the video.
  8. When using patchwork rulers and templates, this pattern size is 8 "and 16" inches without additions.

   How to use PDF templates

  1. Cut out the sewing stencils over the paper and the stencils to precisely cut the fabric with scissors.
  2. Sewing over paper is mirror-inverted, so draw the templates for cutting the fabric on the back of the fabric.
  3. The paper sewing template is marked with numbers that show the procedure for sewing individual parts.
  4. Each pattern is 12 "inches. For selected patterns, you will find 2 sizes, 12 or 24 inches. One window when designing the Quilt is just the size of 12 inches. You can divide the size of 24 inches into several windows.
  5. Additions 1/4 inch are included for the templates. When sewing individual blocks, you must use a 1/4 inch (patchwork) sewing foot or at least position the sewing machine needle to this size.
    You can also find out how to use templates in the video.